• What does BIG DATA deal with FREEDOM?

    What is behind BIG DATA? FREEDOM 2.0 is a participatory art installation that asks for the influence of the society on BIG DATA. FREEDOM 2.0 is concerned with the interactions between the digital world and the analog world.



    The Tracking app makes your invisible data visible. Encrypted and anonymous. Become part of the project!
    See the the tracking data live here...



    The temporary renaming of local business by the concept of FREEDOM poses the question of the value and importance of privacy and individual freedom.



    The BIG DATA colloquia, discussed with the support of 10 speakers, our understanding of freedom and the BIG DATA in their basic ideas over 5 weekends.

02.06.2018 - 24.06.2018 at Stuttgart

The confrontation with the networked world, the digitalization of our lives and the tension between our privacy
is a central theme of social development. FREEDOM 2.0 is a participative art installation that intervenes in the public space
and leads to the city museum of Stuttagrt (Stadtpalais). In the Stadtpalais itself, FREEDOM 2.0 manifests itself in the form of an interactive
exhibition and its colloquia. FREEDOM 2.0 is an initiated artistic form of an open discourse platform that questions and examines the influences and changes
through digitalization on society.
FREDDOM 2.0 offers an exciting educational and lecture programme in the form of the BIG DATA Colloquia, in which the entire spectrum of digitisation can be discussed over 4 weekends
with excellent speakers.
The aim of the art installation is to create a differentiated view of the challenge of dealing with
our digital parallel reality.

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  • Install the app FREEDOM 2.0 on your mobile phone and become part of the project! 

    The BIG DATA Colloquia

    The core element of the art installation FREEDOM2.0 is the BIG DATA Colloquia.

  • # DOWNLOAD FREIHEIT 2.0 Program Stuttgart
  • The StadtPalais in Stuttgart will serve as the central exhibition and event venue for the FREEDOM 2.0 BIG DATA Colloquia.
    The BIG DATA Colloquia question and discuss with the support of invited Speakers during the project our understanding of freedom in relation to BIG DATA.
    The BIG DATA Colloquia create an open discussion forum that illuminates the complex topic in all its breadth and depth.
    The BIG DATA Colloquia offer the possibility of an open progressive platform of discourse and offer an exciting and varied educational and lecture program.
    Anyone can participate, discuss and contribute to the content of FREIHEIT 2.0.